A wide range of activities and topics are planned for each term. The child is engaged with plenty of Toys, Art and Craft materials, Music, Dance and Aerobics. Story telling and Rhyme sessions, sand play and water splash are integral part of the school activity.

  • Free Play: The children are free to choose their activity during free play. This is important as providing choices are good for the pre-frontal lobe in the brain that controls decision making.
  • Water Play: This activity helps the development of fine motor skills and relaxed exploration needs.
  • Sand Play: Sand play is essential for eye-hand co-ordination, tactile experiences and exploration.
  • Elocution and Drama: It helps in enhancing the growing language development and expression skills.
  • Field Trips: They are essential to support the child’s growing exploration needs about his environment.
  • Science Activities: Science exploration is promoted at Clay and Crayons and children are actively involved in understanding science concepts. The concepts are explained through stories, live models, slides, videos as per the age of the children.


January – Sports Day

November – Drawing Competition

Hobby Class

Classical Dance
Modern Dance
Yoga Class
Aerobics Class