My child has completed 1 month in playgroup. We are fully satisfied with the activities which are undertaken for our child at Clay & Crayons. Activities like dancing, singing, drawing, exercise, sports, etc.. helps my child to recognise and improve his skills, attitude and interest which also encourages him to communicate properly.

Abhinav Goswami / Sruti Goswami - Parent of Aditya (Playgroup)

Academic excellence is very good as I can see the difference in my child’s progress since his inception in the school within the last 4 months. I am highly satisfied and the credit should go to the teaching staff.

Sanjay Chanda - Parent of Syon Chanda (Playgroup)

Highly satisfied with the activities done at school. The behavior of the child towards seniors, friends in day to day life is excellent. The child is always in jolly mood at home and credit goes to school activities. Thanks a lot.

Upen Chandra Sarma - Parent of Subhangi (Nursery)

Hrihaan is very active and has learned a lot in his 1 year completion in Playgroup. His active participation in school activities and being well versed with rhymes, language, coloring and all other academic activities, I would rate the school as excellent.

Pratima Chutia - Parent of Hrihaan (Playgroup)

Initially Dishita was unable to speak a single word properly at the age of 2.5 years. When she started school and activities, her way of talking improved, I was really happy. I am very much thankful to the teachers for guidance at school.

Nibedita Das - Parent of Dishita (Nursery)

So far as the overall development and grooming is concerned, I am definitely more than satisfied to see the difference in my daughter, in the level of understanding and ability to express even simple things in a very expressive way.

Mr. Rajiv Brahma & Neena Brahma - Parent of Umika Brahma (Playgroup)